Please note that our treatment plans are bespoke and individual to each patient. Prices shown are as a guide only. A fully itemised plan will be provided for all complex treatments and upon request.

The prices shown start as shown, but may be more.

Download our price list here, or click on the tabs below for more details.


New Patient Consultation £150
Routine Examination £105
Child Examination £70
Initial Orthodontic Consultation Free
OPG radiograph £85 
Impressions for Study Models £150
Diagnostic Investigation of tooth £250


Hygienist £98
Hygienist visit child £70
Sealants (per tooth) £55 
Michigan splint £695


Single surface £220
Two Surface £280 
Complex multi surface £350 
Crowns £1,200
Veneers £1,000 
Bridges (per unit) £1,200

Endodontics (Root canal)

Incisor/premolar tooth £550 
Molar tooth £825 

Dentures (per denture)

Acrylic denture £3,000 
Cobalt Chromium denture £3,500

Orthodontics (per arch)

Invisalign Lite £1,900 
Invisalign Full £2,950 
Invisalign i7 £1,250

Six Month Smiles £1,595
Inman Aligners £1,500 
C Fast Fixed braces £1,500 
STb Social 6 (lingual orthodontics) £1,800
Damon Braces £1,800 

Tooth Whitening

In surgery (with trays) £950
Trays only £450
Gels £70


Total cost single Implant & crown £3,500
CT scan (per jaw) £200
Surgical/X-ray template (per jaw) £200
Implant Insertion Surgery (per Imp) £1,200
Minor bone grafting £500
Implant uncover Surgery £300
Implant Crown/Bridge (per tooth) £2,000


Simple extraction £250
Complex surgical extraction £350