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We at Bloom & Gonsai Dental have a proud history of accepting new patients through ‘word of mouth’ personal recommendations coming directly from our existing client base. As an endorsement of our patient care and commitment to excellence we can think of no better way than for real patients to recommend their friends and family to us for their own personal needs.

Free Hygiene Visit

As a way of saying thanks to you for referring a friend or family member we operate a policy of offering a free hygiene visit for each person who makes the referral to us, each time a referral is made. The credit is transferred to the referrer following the consultation visit of the new patient and is available for use when booking their next hygiene visit with us.


As a further measure of our appreciation for your help in the growth of the practice, we feel it only right to show a further commitment to those who make multiple referrals, whether they are existing patients or colleagues from the medical and dental profession. As of 1st January 2018, for each five patients referred by a named individual, we offer a 5% discount off all treatment fees at the practice at a lifetime level. A further 5% discount is applied to those referrers who have introduced ten patients and again to those referring a total of fifteen members of their friends or family over the coming years with us at the practice.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the practice if you wish to discuss this further at any time.

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